Retirement Gifts for Women – 24 Best Retirement Gift Ideas

retirement gifts for women - 26 best retirment gift ideas

Finding the RIGHT Retirement gifts for women can be a daunting task.  Afterall, your newly retired or soon to be retired friend of family member may already have it all.  And you know, they’ve lived a pretty long life thus far.  Do not fret, we’re here to offer some insight on great retirement gift ideas for your friend or family member.

Questions to ponder to help you get the best retirement gift for them; What are their interests?  What to do they already do and enjoy?  Have you ever heard the talk about something the have always wanted to do, but never have for some reason?

Of course, gifts can range from just $15 – $20 all the way up to $100, hundreds or even thousands.  Also, think about whether you want to go it alone or go in with others and get a bigger, more special gift.

We have categorized our retirement gifts for women into categories such as reading, leisure (libations), jewelry, clothing / apparel, home & garden, and a few high end gift ideas, etc.  Also, we’ve arranged each category by price going from low to high.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Readers


One of the greatest things about being retired is the fact that you have more time to do the things you want to do.  Whether it be hopping on a plane and visiting an old friend, doing a road trip, taking a cruise, or traveling the country in a motorhome, we’ve got ideas for you.

1. The “Retirement Coloring Book – Life is GOOD

Retirement Coloring Book Explore the artistic side of yourself with this fun gift. This retirement coloring book has over 365 neat pages to color and pass the time. Plus, the price is right at $9.69 if you’re on a budget or perhaps get it to go along with your other gifts for retirement.
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2. The book 50 States, 5000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do.

Retirement gift idea a book about travelling the USA This wonderfully illustrated book was written by the travel experts at National Geographic. It showcases the best travel experiences you’d both expect along with some you’ve surely never heard of. So, if you’re looking for a retirement gift for someone that has the travel bug, this might just be the gift for you at just $12.99 – $35.51 depending on whether you want a Kindle book, Paperback, or a Spriral Bound Hard cover.
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3. The book entitled “The Big Finish

book cover of the book The Big Finish as a retirement gift idea This hilarious and quirky book features a guy named Duffy who lives in an assisted living home. He accidentally meets a young lady named Josie who mistakenly winds up in his room. Duffy NEEDS to figure out how to stay in his current, GOOD assistant living home vs the HORRIBLE one down the street. Enter Josie, she is in a tumultuous relationship with a guy she just shouldn’t be with. Duffy and Josie hilariously help each other navigate what’s going on in each other’s live. This is another great retirement gift for women that has a nice price tag at about just $13.99 on Kindle and $17.78 for hard cover.

4. The Single Women’s Guide to Retirement

a great retirement idea for your single friends might be this book called "The Single Woman's Guide to Retirement" Here’s another great retirement gift idea for single women that’s reasonably priced. Doing retirement alone can be a daunting task. This book called “The Single Woman’s Guide to Retirement” will come in handy in that case. It’s designed to help female retirees navigate all aspects of retirement. Topics include finances, a healthy mind, body and spirit, divorce, looking for love, and much more. Price range is $10.99 – $15.99.

5. The “The Most Scenic Drives in America

Retirement gift ideas the most scenic drive in america Brought to you by Reader’s Digest. This thoughtful retirement gift idea showcases some of the most breathtaking drives in America. It highlights the best places to go, mileage, the best times to go etc. This covers it all from Florida to Hawaii, to British Columbia. It’s also the perfect price for those shopping on a budget. It’s just $17.99 for both Kindle and Hard Cover.

6. 100 Parks, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do

gift ideas for retirement In the book world, this would be the sequel for the other National Geographic book called 50 States 5000 Ideas. This book takes a look and explores USA and British Columbia’s most revered national, city, and state parks. Coming in at a reasonable price of $18.89 for paperback, this retirement gift is sure to NOT break the bank.

7. Leather Journal for Women

Leather Journal for Women as a retirement gift If your friend or family member likes to chronicle their lives, they might just love this beautiful genuine leather bound notebook with embossed cover. It’s also another nicely priced gift for retirement that comes in at just $29.95.

Retirement Gifts for Women that Sip Drinks

One great aspect of retirement is that everyday is like Friday. Why not set your retiring friend or family member up with some fun libation oriented gift swag. Here are a few ideas:

8. I Can Wine All I Want, I’m Retired Wine Tumbler

I can wine all i want i'm retired wine tumbler Here is cute gift that comes in purple, pink, turquoise, rose, and white. This wonderful wine tumbler with lid will keep your beverage just the right temperature and it surely won’t break the bank for you at just $15.99.

9. The Queen Has Retired 12 oz. Wine Tumbler with Straw & Lid

Thoughtful retirement gifts for ladies a nice wine tumbler that says the queen has retired This thoughtful gift idea is great for gals that like to tip back some wine. Not only will it keep their drink cool, but the construction makes it highly resistant to rust and breakage. Your retiree will think of you for a long time to come. This tumbler comes in at a reasonable price tag of just $18.99 and comes in this color as well as a pretty aqua / turquoise color.

10. 6 pack Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass Tumblers

more gift ideas for retirement 6 pack Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass Tumblers Here are more great gift ideas for your dear friend of family. It’s a matching 6 pack of Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass Tumblers. They come with straws and cleaners. As for color choices, there are 3 of them; as pictured in elegant black and white, a really neat looking gray and blue, or a fun green and blue combo. They are nicely priced on Amazon at just $36.99.

11. Le Sens Scorpion Lead Free Crystal Red Wine Decanter

 Le Sens Scorpion Lead Free Crystal Red Wine Decanter This charming scorpion red wine decanter will put a smile on your retiree’s face. She’ll love the way it looks at home and her guests will feel like they are being served the best wine ever. At the same time, it will bring out the rich aromatic flavors of her favorite wine. This gem of a retirement gift only costs $40.36, so it won’t break the bank.

12. Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses by Chevalier Collection

picture of Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses by Chevalier Collection as a really nice retirement party present This is a really cool gift for guys or gals that love wine AND it’s nicely priced at $50.00 on Amazon for a set of two. This Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses by Chevalier Collection will surely have your retiree loving you.

13. An Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card There are always people in our lives that are hard to shop for. They either have it all, or you just can’t figure out what suits them. $50 is a very respectable amount for a gift card. Grab yours now.

14. Dragon Diamond Crystal Decanter and Glass Set

a fun gift idea is this cool Dragon Diamond Crystal Decanter and Glass Set This Dragon Diamond Crystal whiskey or bourbon decanter and glass set it just plain cool. It’s super reasonably price and will make the perfect gift. The price is just $99.

15. Globe Whiskey Decanter as A Retirement Gift for Women

globe-whiskey-bourbon-decantor-retirement-gift-idea-for-women Here is another fun retirement present idea. This fun Whiskey Decanter Set” comes with just the decanter OR as a 5 piece set. These hefty, secure feeling glasses are sure to be a showpiece for any home bar. These are competitively priced at just $99.99 – $160 on Amazon (depends on the option you choose).

Jewelry, Clothing & Apparel Related Retirement Gifts for Her

Every woman loves getting new jewelry or clothing and apparel. Put a smile on her face with these fun, cost friendly gift ideas.

16. Retired Since 2021 Football Jersey for Women

Retired Since 2020 Football Jersey for Women This cute “Retired Since 2021 Football Jersey” for Women will find a happy home with your friend. It’s got a fun retro feel to it and comes in 3 fabulous colors. There is Pink (as pictured), gray, and red. The fit is true to size and shipping is fast just in case you waited until the last minute. Perfect if money management is on your mind. This shirt comes in at just under $20 bucks.

17. Retired Since 2020 Women’s Sleeve Baseball Jersey Shirt

Retired Since 2020 - Retirement Gift Idea 3 quarter Women Sleeve Baseball Jersey Shirt Heeey, baseball lovers, this fun gift will be perfect for your gal pal that likes baseball. This jersey comes in at just $15.95 – $22.95 depending on the style and / or color you get. There are six to choose from; black & gray (pictured), black & white, blue & gray, blue & white, green & white, and red & white.

18. “Retired, Earned it, Living it, Loving It” Long Sleeve Hoodie Shirt

 Retired, Earned it, Living it, Loving It Long Sleeve Hoodie Shirt This funny Retired, Earned it, Living it, Loving It Long Sleeve Hoodie Shirt is a fun gift idea. It comes in 4 colors and is nicely priced at just $13.99 – $27.00. It comes in 4 colors; (pictured) fuchsia frost, black frost, gray frost, and navy frost.

19. Personalized Double Pendant Retirement Gift Idea for Women

Personalized Double Pendant Retirement Gift Idea for Women You can personalize this fun, double pendant. You can put their name and initial and there are a total of 2 pendants. The main one comes in teal, pink, green, purple, orange, or yellow. The accenting pendant has the quote shown along with different beads and crystals. This nice gift only comes in at $28.50 on Amazon.

20. Congrats On Your Retirement Woodgrain & Rope Trim Jewelry Music Box

Congrats On Your Retirement Woodgrain & Rope Trim Jewelry Music Box This is a cute gift idea. It’s a nice wood grain musical jewelry box with rope trim that plays “Wonderful World”. Considering the intricate detail, it’s surprisingly reasonable at just $32.82.

Household Items for Retirement Gift Ideas for Her

21. “You Can’t Retire From Being Great” Candle

Candle for retirement that says You Can't Retire From Being Great This simple yet elegant candle that says “You Can’t Retire From Being Great” might just be the perfect gift. It’s very affordable, thoughtful, and everybody loves candles! Just $21.99.

22. Scented Decorative Candle Set

Scented Decorative Candle Set as a retirement present for your favorite gal This cool candle set is a great idea for a gift upon retirement. It features 4 uniquely different candles. Each has a different scent and they are touted as being extremely long lasting. The scents include lavender, lemon, mediterranean fig, and fresh spring. This is another budget winner at just $21.99.

Retirement Party Gift Ideas For Those With No Budget Constraints

The average cost of a retirement gift probably ranges from $10 or $15 to $100, but here’s a few options for the lucky ones that may not have budget constraints.

23. Free Standing Hammock

free-standing-hammock-retirement-gift-for-women The beauty about retirement is that you are supposed to have more free time to relax. Why not get that special retiree a Free Standing Hammock as their retirement gift. It’s simple to see up and you don’t need trees or posts. Also, it’s quite reasonably priced at $159.89.

24. Wine Enthusiast iSommelier Smart Electric Wine Decanter

great retirement gift idea for women that love wine - a wine enthusiast electric decanter With this tasteful gift for wine lovers, your retiree will now be able to decant their wine in seconds or minutes, not hours. This will heighten your wine tasting experience by enhancing the complex flavors and aromas. It helps to evenly oxygenate and soften tannins to transport new wine to a stage of maturity that would otherwise require years of cellaring. Modest price of $499 on Amazon.

There are literally thousands of things you can buy for your friend or family member when they retire. We thought we’d provide a little insight for you. Hopefully we helped you in your quest for the perfect retirement gifts for women.

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