Retirement Hobbies That Make Money – 10 Hobbies for Retirees to Earn Extra Money


So, you’re retired now. No more 9-5, but what the heck do you do? If you’re looking for retirement hobbies that make money, we have a few ideas. The great thing about it is, you can go at your own pace and work WHEN you want. There’s no boss calling the shots (besides yourself). This is YOUR retirement side gig. You are the shot caller. At the same time, there’s no get rich quick type of stuff. The amount of money you make, is directly correlated to the effort you put in. However, it should be easy to put in the work because it’s hobby / interest based.

More than likely you’ve probably had some hobbies and interests over the years, but between family obligations, work obligations, etc. there may not have been much time to enjoy your hobbies. Now that you’re retired, time isn’t as much of an issue. Here’s a few side gig suggestions that you might not only enjoy, but you can also make money while doing them. We’ll start with the least lucrative and finish it off with the most lucrative retirement side gigs.

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Driving for Uber During Retirement (or Lyft)

Driving for Uber During Retirement

If you don’t mind driving and have a vehicle that meets Lyft and Uber’s requirements, this is a decent retirement side gig. This is actually something I’ve done personally and enjoyed it at first. It’s nice to chat with people as you drive them around. Plus it’s pretty brainless work that has decent pay above minimum wage. In my area, L.A. / Orange County CA, I averaged $16-$18 per hour. Sometimes I’d average $20-$25 and even higher sometimes. The true average was about $16-$18 per hour. To get the most bang for your buck (or shall I say, money for your time), I recommend signing up for both so you can stay busy for as long as you’re signed on.

Uber and Lyft pros:

  • Work when you want and for as long as you want.
  • You’ll be paid better than minimum wage.
  • You can get paid instantly.
  • Rental or Lease vehicles are available at VERY reasonable prices.

Uber and Lyft Cons:

  • Putting mileage on your vehicle (keep in mind there is the rental option).
  • Your income is capped. It is what it is and you’ll never make truly GREAT money, but it’s easy money.

All told, doing Uber of Lyft as a side gig while retired is ok. I think there are better options that could either be more FUN or more lucrative. This is just a good no-brainer.

Refereeing to Earn Money While Retired

Refereeing to Earn Money While Retired

Obviously, this won’t work for everybody, but for sports lovers this can be a great way to earn extra money during retirement. If you loved soccer, sign up to be a youth soccer referee. It doesn’t take much to get certified. Depending on where you live, you generally make $10 – $25 an hour when you first start out. As you progress and possibly coach older kids, you can make as much as $20-$40 per hour. Plus, you’re staying active and burning calories to help keep the weight off. There’s lots of sports that use referees or umpires. There’s soccer, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, water polo, etc. All told, this is a great way to make money during retirement, but again, it’s not the most lucrative.

Golf as A Retirement Hobby that Makes Money

Sure, not everybody loves golf, but if you do this might be a good retirement side hustle for you. Many retirees work at golf courses to earn extra money from their favorite hobby. There are possibilities in the Pro Shop or help in the driving range or as a course ranger. You name it. A perk of working at a golf course might be free rounds of golf or reduced costs per round. Plus, you’ll get your paycheck for this retirement side job.


Become A Fitness Instructor for Your Side Hustle During Retirement

Are you one that enjoys staying active, fit, and healthy? Or, perhaps you’re not where you want to be in terms of these things? Get a post retirement job as a fitness instructor. This will keep you fit, focused, and put extra money in your pocket. Also, it’s not that hard to get certified and the pay is decent. Plus, it may get you a free gym membership as an added bonus.

Fun Hobbies to Make You Money During Retirement (and YouTube)

When I think of the word “hobby”, I think of FUN things like music, wood working, art, or even things like remote control cars or RC airplanes or remote control boats.

2 Ways to Make Money In Retirement With RC Cars, Remote Control Planes, or RC Boats as A Hobby

If you’re an RC car enthusiast or if having a mega fast RC car sounds fun, consider building income with this fun hobby. Here’s how.

First, you can make money with either affiliate marketing or an e-commerce store that pertains RC Cars.

Secondly, you can also accomplish two things with YouTube. You can market for your affiliate marketing or e-commerce store via YouTube. Also, you can make money from YouTube. These have tremendous opportunity in terms of the amount of money you can make. Make no mistake, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. It will take work and alot of learning, BUT imagine how much fun you will have. It actually gets somewhat addictive trying to optimize your sites and get traffic to them. And then BAM, you get a sale or commission………………and it’s like “WHOA” that was amazing. Especially when they happen when you’re out doing something fun or it’s the middle of the night or something.

Earning Money While Retired by Writing or Blogging


A wonderful retirement hobby that makes money is writing or blogging. If you have an ability to articulate yourself well by means of the written word, there’s quite a few ways you can earn money by writing. Here is a short list of ways you can earn money if writing is a hobby you’d enjoy:

  1. You can freelance. There’s dozens of good websites that you can get paid for writing such as Upwork, Fivrr, SeoClerks, etc.
  2. You can create a blog. You can create a general interest blog or a very specific niche blog. Also, find ways to incorporate affiliate marketing or an e-commerce store into your blog writing. In terms of getting traffic to your topics, articles, or offers, you can choose from tons of free (more like sweat equity) traffic methods OR you can pay for traffic.
  3. You can also make money from Google Ad Sense. This is where you have Google ads on your pages and if someone clicks the link, you get a small commission. The more pages and / or posts you have, the more traffic you get. That means more clicks and more money.


Make Money During Retirement by Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is by FAR one of the POTENTIALLY most lucrative ways you can make money during retirement. BUT, just what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is selling a product that someone else has created and getting a commission for it. Keep in mind, this is just a rough summary of it. There’d be alot to learn, but it’s fun.

What Kind of products can you sell? You can literally sell almost anything ranging from digital products, physical products like weigh tloss products, things on Amazon, and much more. One popular way to get started in affiliate marketing to earn money as a retiree is on Clickbank. Most of the products are digital products that teach you how to do things like ClickBank University (how to make alot of money on Clickbank), Max’s Woodworking (how to for woodworking), Make Money from YouTube Without Making Videos, and much more. However, Clickbank also has physical products as well. There’s really is 1000’s of options. Plus, there’s a ton of other affiliate products. Put it this way, anything that you can buy online probably has affiliate programs.

Below is a screenshot of when I first started affiliate marketing. I put up two videos (that I didn’t create) and put affiliate links in the description of Youtube. Not a big time investment, that’s for sure. It’s not bad extra money. The key is to just continue to forge ahead. I honestly did not forge ahead at first, BUT I get sales to this day from those couple of videos I posted a year ago. It has sort have motivated me to get going again.

Here is a screenshot of commissions I got after posting 2 video about a year prior to this article. Plus, I’ll show a second screenshot of sales that I still get now from those 2 videos. Further, I’ll post my annual earning from 2019. Keep in mind, I only posted a couple videos and did nothing more yet sales continue to come in.

Here’s the first earnings from those two video sales:

Ways to Make Money In Retirement

As you can see, it is not a ton of money, but when you think about how little work I did it’s pretty neat. Plus more money came in just from those two videos. All told, I made $719.20 from those two videos starting in March 2019 through the end of the year. I wish I would have done more. Those links ended up getting broken for some reason. Not long ago, I realized it and fixed it and money is coming in again.

Here’s a shot of earnings that started to happen after fixing the link. It’s really motivated me to get going again (it’s the same product from the same two videos).

Retirement Hobbies that Make Money

Now, if you’re retired (I’m still working full time and have 4 daughters with 3 in sports, so I’m on the go) you should have time to do alot better than my early moments with affiliate marketing. Here is a screenshot of what a seasoned affiliate marketer can make. Not bad, right?

Making Money While Retired

As you forge ahead and get good (this is not my earnings, I’m not there (yet)), there is the potential to have earning reports that look like this (and beyond). Can you imagine earning this much from a hobby in retirement!!

Making Money During Retirement

That’s about it for now in terms of affiliate marketing. Here’s a couple of ways you can get started with Affiliate Marketing to earn extra cash in retirement:

Sign up for FREE Training –> Super Affiliate System.

Also very good, check out –> ClickBank University.

Start A YouTube Channel to Make Money in Retirement

You might laugh. You also may think you need crazy equipment to do this. However, you really only need a decent cell phone. As you progress, you may opt to get more specialized equipment, but you don’t NEED it to start. If you have hobbies, you can create a channel around that. If you have an expertise in any particular field or fields, you can make a channel around that. You can earn money not only from monetizing your channel, but also from affiliate marketing pertaining to your niche or niches.

For example, this channel below (not related to me) is a perfect example. He LOVES RC Cars. He has a blast making videos and has alot of views. According to Social Blade, he makes anywhere from $22,000 per year (probably not this low) to $355,000 per year just from Youtube. There’s people that make alot more, but this guy is just focused on a hobby so I thought it was relevant to this post. PLUS this guy makes money to the tune of over $100,000 per year with his affiliate links in his video description.

Here’s the Youtube Channel –> Kevin Talbot.

BTW, here is a tutorial on Making Money on YouTube –> Making Money on YouTube Without Creating Your Own Videos.


Earn Money With Hobbies in Retirement – E-Commerce

Another way to earn money with hobbies in retirement is to create an online store. If you’re thinking that is sounds “hard”, think again. As an experiment, I asked my 14 year old daughter if she’d like to start a business with me doing an online store. It was my first one and her first one. I bought the e-book you see below for either $9.99 or $19.99. Build a Shopify Dropshipping Business from Scratch

Earn Money With Hobbies in Retirement

I don’t remember for sure, but it was cheap. I let her pick the niche. She decided she wanted a swimwear store. I let her know it might be saturated based on my knowledge. Also, I would have chosen bigger ticket items. Well, we created the store and have not paid for any marketing (she does Instagram, etc……mostly social media marketing). We are not killing it, but the store is starting to rank in google for a few terms. We are profitable. The point is, it’s not hard. makes it really easy. This is the site / store my daughter created on Shopify –> Maika Swimwear (we sold this store). You can sell ANYTHING you want to make some money with your retirement side gig. There’s also ways to find suppliers. This could be a great way to showcase and sell things you make with you hobbies like woodworking, candles, knitting, etc. This also has the potential to be REALLY big just like affiliate marketing. Think about it. Amazon is just an online store and you know how much money Jeff Bezos has made!

Obviously, there’s a ton of ways you can make money with your hobbies during your retirement. These are just a few. If we didn’t point out something you’re totally in love with, just keep surfing the internet. You’re sure to find something.

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