She are lured by Bo in their earliest fulfilling and you will after that fell in love with the girl

She are lured by Bo in their earliest fulfilling and you will after that fell in love with the girl

Lauren (aka Dr. Lauren Lewis) are an individual scientist and you may physician. At the time the brand new show initiate she had been a beneficial ward of your own Ash for five ages due to the fact a sworn servant, and experienced little more than his property of the Fae.

Medical practitioner Scientist Captain Scientific Administrator towards Ash (formerly) Chief out of personnel to own Marquise Medical Clinic Environmentally-radical (while the a teen) Educated because of the an army company Waitress (when you find yourself covering up regarding Una Mens)

  • Genius-top intelligence
  • Intelligent scientist which have specialization inside the genetics, cryptozoology, morphogenesis, RNA splicing
  • In-depth experience with, and you may knowledge of, the Fae
  • Switched people towards Fae hybrid that have miracle Fae stem tissue
  • Created solution you to turned Fae toward individual
  • Pursuit of longevity resulted in serum one to channeled the newest efforts out-of one Fae she moved
  • Knows how to handle explosives and then make tube bombs
  • Proficient in the Foreign-language, French, and you can Swahili

Profile arch

Lauren wears a great necklace which have an effective medallion you to definitely marks her as the belonging to The newest Ash. Even after becoming individual, Lauren’s condition earns her the esteem of your White Fae. A scientist having specialty for the family genes and cryptozoology, this lady has comprehensive expertise in different species of Fae and the results, and you will discovers the industries out-of people scientific science fantastically dull in contrast.


It was found from inside the Fae Gone Crazy that Lauren’s earliest come upon for the Fae occurred in the latest Congo (Africa) when you find yourself she was creating humanitarian work and witnessed the results regarding a deadly virus. The fresh epidemic, and that merely impacted Fae, put Lauren into connection with New Ash. When Lauren’s scientific and systematic research feel was indeed profitable during the fighting the illness, he found so you can this lady the clear presence of their magic industry – not before the lady wife, Nadia, who’d then followed the lady, was mysteriously contaminated and you will dropped towards the a beneficial coma. Lauren sworn herself on the Ash in return for the means to access the newest White Fae’s studio and medical resources to get a cure on her behalf reputation.

Lauren’s support towards Ash additionally the White Fae are unignorable. Pursuing the Ash try significantly wounded within the a committing suicide bombing arranged because of the Aife up against your and Light Fae Parents, she lived because of the their front almost continuous. Her respect towards the Ash factors Lauren for taking this lady functions most undoubtedly and also for it this woman is commonly experienced uptight, especially by Kenzi. not, Lauren has revealed become informal and you may amicable into the Bo’s organization and beyond performs.

Despite Lauren’s support for the Ash, this lady has helped Bo toward of several era contrary to the Ash’s commonly and at the risk of punishment.

In Vexed, This new Ash purchased Lauren discover a way to stop Bo regarding finding out about Vex, the Dark Fae Mesmer, and you will confronting your, which will provides contributed to the lady becoming punished and conducted by the The brand new Morrigan. Lauren seduced Bo in addition they generated fascination with the first time. Another early morning, significantly less than curious from the Bo, Lauren admitted so you’re able to are bought because of the Ash to help you disturb the woman, and you will attempted to establish one she got complete it to safeguard the lady of damage; but Bo, effect harm, answered angrily and you may stormed away from Lauren. Their dating is actually strained for a time later on, but their common interest continued to thrive and you will Bo eventually forgave the woman.

About 2nd year, adopting the very first Ash are leftover in the an excellent comatose condition, Lauren was died towards the this new Ash, Lachlan, while the “chattel.”

In the Masks, wildbuddies aansluiting Lachlan shown to Lauren you to definitely Nadia was actually on purpose put in a beneficial coma because of the a dark Fae Shaman significantly less than sales from the earlier Ash. Brand new Ash had your curse Nadia so you’re able to insure you to Lauren perform do everything in her own capacity to find an enthusiastic antidote into malware that has been killing Fae, and you will put Nadia’s position to get her to your bend regarding the Light clan.

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